Saturday, January 21, 2012

What words.......?

If someone asked you about your church what words or phrases would you use to tell your church's story? OK, I want to stretch you. Don't use the generic words to would apply to any church.  What makes your church distinctive? Over the past two weeks I have been in a couple of settings where I had the opportunity to hear some members and ministers in our church family offer their perspectives on what makes First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City who were are. What I heard made me smile. Almost no one talked about the brick and mortar building. I listened as people talked about finding a church family where they actually felt a part of the family - even when people knew all about them. People talked about being a place where broken hearts and broken lives find family and healing.  They talked about the way music sings across the life of the church and of finding joy in worship that speaks across generations.They talked about what it meant to grow in their walk with God together - listening to one another and learning from each other.  They talked about the way our church family pours itself into our community. Still others talked about being part of church that cares about refugees and others who need a place to call home. 

The conversations reminded me how each church has a unique sense of mission, purpose and personality - and the our church has chosen a path direct from many others.  It is not a place to just come and sit as a spectator.  It is a place to dive in, to open your heart and mind to what God has to say,  to invest in others, to listen for where God is calling you, and then to roll up your sleeves in living expressions of love and service to others. {While I was working on this blog I stopped to take a phone call from a church member who was working at the Furniture Bank this morning - saw a need - and saw God open the way to meet that need within a matter of hours.}  It is fun to be a part of a place where all you have to do is look up to see God at work.  

In the coming days we will be finding ways to hear the voices of others in the church family - and looking for other ways to help tell our church's story.  If you are a part of the FBCOKC family, what words or phrases would you use? If you are part of another church family, what words or phrases would you use to share your church's story with others?        Tom 

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