Saturday, December 3, 2011

Big News For FBCOKC

Over the past 60 days FBCOKC has received a litany of big news. 
  • The Church received a Lilly Renewal Grant for over $49,000 to fund a sabbatical experience for the pastor.
  • Dr. Bobby Kelly and Dr. Mack Roark will serve as the preachers and teachers for Sunday morning worship services and SALT Bible studies on Thursdays during the pastor’s sabbatical.
  • FBCOKC will work with the Baylor School of Social Work to do a “Church Census” during the sabbatical period. This survey process will help define the spiritual heart cry of the church family that will define congregational ministries during the second half of 2012 and in to 2013.
  • The Good Shepherd Ministries Medical Clinic was only one of three of the 22 Christian clinics serving the OKC metro to receive a grade “A.” The grade was given as part of a review by the Butterfield Foundation.
  • The fact that the Good Shepherd Medical Clinic received a grade “A” qualifies it to submit a multimillion grant request to the Butterfield Foundation.  The likelihood of received a large scale grant looks very good. 2012 should witness a dramatic increase in the scale and impact of the Good Shepherd’s Medical and Dental Clinic ministries.
  • Round Up Cleaners and its six stores across the metro has joined FBC and Good Shepherd Ministries in an initiative to raise 1000 coats to distribute to children and adults this winter. The Hobby Lobby Chaplain Department has already given 25 coats as a part of this effort.
  • The Oklahoman did a feature article on the FBC Can Sculpture Competition in both print and web editions.
  • KLOVE Radio picked up the story on the can sculpture competition and broadcasted it nationwide. Word Magazine heard the radio story and is preparing to do a feature article on their website as an effort to inspire other congregations to stage similar events to raise food that can be shared in their communities.
  • The Oklahoman did a feature article on the FBC/Good Shepherd Furniture Bank in both print and web editions. It focused on the partnership with Catholic Charities and Skyline Urban Ministries (United Methodist) and how the result of the partnership is a great new ministry resource for our city.  Response to the article has been strong.
  • The Hobby Lobby Chaplains Department featured the Furniture Bank in its latest newsletter.  The Office of Faith Based Initiative featured the Furniture Bank on its website and its latest newsletter.
  • A new leader The ESL Language Lab emerged; the Language Lab has reopened and is experiencing steady growth in students.
  • The City Sentinel did a nice feature article on the upcoming production of It’s a Wonderful Life in its print and web editions.
  • FBCOKC did a full page full color newspaper wrap for 55,000 homes on Black Friday promoting church Advent programs. 
More announcements of this caliber are coming soon. God is at work in and through FBCOKC related ministries.  Thanks be to God. 

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