Wednesday, September 14, 2011

6 phrases emerging from my quiet time

There are times God seems to speak in a whisper and other times God seems to speak so loudly you cannot help but hear what he is saying to you. Over the past week or so 6 phrases have emerged with clarity and power from my quiet times. As I have worked through them, I have come to believe that they describes the ethos that I pray is manifested in the life and ministry of First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City. I am really not sure at this point where these phrases might be shared and discussed as a church family, but I believe that they will soon find their voice among us.

Follow Faithfully
Worship Joyfully
Give Generously
Serve Gratefully
Witness Purposefully 
Live Abundantly

I would love to hear how these phrases resosnate with you and what others you might add or what alternative wording you might choose.

Listening to God's voice with you.....

Grace and Peace, Tom

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