Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Celebrating an odd anniversary and claiming a spirit of thankfulness

Nine years ago today the doctor gave me two choices. The first was to be placed in a medically induced comma for six weeks during with time they would do six to eight surgeries. The mortality rate was normally 60-80%, but because of my condition she thought the mortality rate would be 90% or more. Furthermore, if I did survive the goal would be to have me strong enough to go home for St. Patrick's day in March. The other option was for them to make me comfortable for my passing, because unless we did something I only had hours to live. Obviously we choose the first option. So today my family and I celebrate the anniversary of a decision that took us into a dark season of surgery after surgery, seemingly countless sessions of physical therapy, and many days when death seemed much closer than life. But because of our choice to try "life" I have had the opportunity to see my children grow up, so spend wonderful days with Beth, and to experience a season of ministry when I have gotten to witness God move in ways beyond my wildest imagination. While some will go into tomorrow thankful for the bounty of the food on the table, I come with a spirit of thanksgiving -celebrating the memories of this past nine years - celebrating the love of a family that sustained me then and now - celebrating a family of faith that embraces me - celebrating a God who is in the healing and redeeming business. I cherish each day of these past nine years - days that once seemed in real doubt - and now I come with wonder and anticipation to see what God will do next. Happy Thanksgiving. Tom

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