Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ride for Refuge OKC Coming Next Weekend

Next weekend Oklahoma City will witness its first edition of the Ride for Refuge. It is a event that is born in Canada and is now staged across Canada and the United States. It raises funds for the work among refugees and those most vulnerable in our society. The Oklahoma City event is staged with our Oklahoma City Refugee Coalition partners - a group that crosses organizational and denominational boundaries who share a common heart and work among the refugees in our city. While teams can choose what the ministry they are raising funds for, all of the FBC OKC teams have decided to focus their efforts to raise monies for ministries among refugees. Our relationship with the Chin, the Zomie, the Karen, the Kachin, and the Sudanese, have opened our eyes not only to those in our midst but also the needs of refugees and displaced peoples across the globe. These are people who have had to leave their homes and homelands because of persecution, war, or natural catastrophe. Sometimes they find themselves in places of saftey, but other times they have been forced to flee into settings where they are not welcomes and everyday is a struggle for survival. While most people will claim next Saturday as a time to snuggle in for a day for watching college football, many of our church family are choosing to either ride as a part of this event or serve as volunteers to help facilitate the event. There are registration tables to be manned, water/break stations to be set up, a special track for smaller participants and unique "wheels" to be laid out on church grounds, and a grand celebration lunch to be prepared and served. I am thankful for each person who will give of their time and effort to make this day successful. While this first ride event is smaller in scale than longer tenured major events, the money it will raise will make a huge impact. If you would like to sponsor a rider or are close enought to OKC to lend a hand beside the volunteers, go to and join in. By the way, I am looking for some sponsors - I've joined our youth team to help raise money for Matthew House in Ottawa Canada. I would love your help....

Grace and Peace, Tom

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