Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sermon Podcasts Now Available

One of the congregations members at FBC OKC worked with the church staff member who serves as our webmaster to nudge me closer to 21st Century communications. Thanks to their efforts my weekly sermons are now available in a podcast format. While you can find the core text of each sermon within the stream of the blogs offered on this site, you can now also look at the right column of the site and see the sermons ready to hear online or download. The same link is also offered on a couple of different places on the church website (http://www.fbcokc.org). The first sermons available are a couple of weeks old, but they are serving as our experimental versions to see what modifications we may need to do to make the sermon ready online as quickly after the worship service as possible. Let me know what you think....is this option of value to you and how will you use it? Tom

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