Saturday, July 17, 2010

Celebrating and a bit sad

This morning I take my 16 year old daughter to the airport at DFW to head for a missions immersion experience among refugee ministries in Canada. I find that I am both celebrating and a bit sad. I celebrate that Elizabeth already claims such a passion for those on the edges of culture. She will be working with new comers from seemingly every continent on the face of earth. The next three weeks will offer her the opportunity to learn volumes about other cultures and will get to see some great models of ministries of Word and Deed. She will get to work with one of my favorite CBF missionary couples, Marc and Kim Wyatt. She will get to get her hands dirty doing the everyday chores that make ministry possible. She will get to live cross-culturally and experience the wonders of a new land. She will get to push herself spiritually and physically and discover a wide breadth of the gifting that God has placed within her. She will get to be defined by how she serves rather than the age on her birth certificate (one of her great points of excitement). I can hardly wait to see how God works in her and through her.

Having shared all of these areas where I celebrate what awaits her, we will still miss her profoundly in our home. This is the longest she will be out on her own, flying solo. It is another one of those grand steps toward adulthood. It is a journey filled with mixed emotions for parents. So, as her pastor I celebrate. As her father I celebrate....and as her dad, I find that little twinge of sadness as she loads her suitcase in the car.

Grace and Peace, Tom

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