Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Remarkable Moment - A Remarkable Church

I had a remarkable moment on my way out of church tonight. It was a powerful affirmation that God is stirring and that we are becoming the church that we have believed that God has been calling us to be. It started simply. I had just closed my computer having read an email from Malaysia setting the dates for our next mission team to work with refugees living in and around Kuala Lumpur. (We sent a team of 10 in February, and plan to send a similar sized team in late July.) I walked out the my office back door into the main hall on my way home. As I reached the top stair heading down toward the exit I ran into our Minister for Students and Families. We spoke about two of our college students that had begun to explore a sense of God's call in their lives. A glitch in a internship program triggered us to reach out to our own college students to see if any would be open to an internship designed to help explore a call into ministry. We had been praying that God would shape us into a church that helped called people out and discovered that our future hope was becoming a present reality. I turned and saw our Minister for Children and Families (she was headed to the gym to spend time with some of our young families with kids) engaged in a conversation with a Burmese refugee (from the Karen people) named Wawa. They are culture buddies. I joined their conversation because I wanted to ask Wawa that after her baby was born (she is very pregnant) she would tell the story of her work with her grandmother as missionaries among the Sea Gypsies in SE Asia. I hoped her testimony would help grow our congregation's understand that God is working among Christians across the globe in missions. Our conversation was briefly interrupted by a striking middle aged Korean couple that had been strengthening their language skills in our ESL Language Center. They stopped to thank us for the warm welcome they had received by our congregation this evening. Our Student Minister jumped in to tell them what a great addition their two sons were to our youth group. While we were talking a Hispanic woman also studying at the Language Center waved a wave of greetings. At the same moment a Burmese refugee from another people group ( the Chin) was coming down a flight of stairs having just finished practicing worship music for their congregation's Palm Sunday service. As I finally headed out the door I thought about the fact that we are beginning to experience a baby boom, that our youth ministry is growing, that people are being called into ministry, and we work and worship with the global church as a regular part of our church life. Have I said lately how much I love being a part of First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City???????

Grace and Peace, Tom

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