Friday, February 26, 2010

Movie Shoot At FBC OKC

The Heaven's Rain production crew will be back at the church today, Monday, and Tuesday for their final filming sessions at FBC OKC. This inspiring feature film is based on the story of Brooks Douglas after the violent murder of his parents and the shooting of he and his sister by two traveling strangers. What begins as a quest for justice takes an unexpected turn toward forgiveness. The movie in not a specifically "Christian" movie, but the key players and the overall theme is born in the waters of faith. You can learn a bit more about the movie at I am glad that we can open our doors to this production and I celebrate in advance the impact this movie might have on those who will see it.

Grace and Peace, Tom

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Tim said...

Tom, my family went to Putnam City Baptist Church when we were on furlough and new the Douglas family. Brooks is a year or two older than me. . . I remember him from youth group.
Glad to hear they are making this movie.