Thursday, January 14, 2010

It is time for people to quit listening to Pat Robertson

This morning we woke to see Pat Robertson making another effort to speak for God regarding the horrific earthquake that rocked Haiti. It grieves me that the media continues to give coverage to this man. He does not represent the broader Christian community and does not represent God. He is an sad aging man who longs for media attention and seems to say whatever he believes will draw the cameras and the mikes. His view of God is inconsistent with Scripture and his belief that he can independently speak for God is completely out of step of how God speaks through the New Testament. He twists Old Testament passage in an effort to sound like the prophets of old and in the process diminishes the gospel of grace found at the feet of Jesus.

The reality is that Pat Robertson's era is over. His influence in the broader Christian community been lost. He television broadcasts are irrelevant. He speaks to a history that is not his own and offers no foundation for his view of Haitian history. By publishing and airing his dribble, the media gives him a voice that he does not deserve. It is time for people to quit listening to Pat Robertson and to start praying for the people who face overwhelming pain and loss today.

Grace and Peace, Tom

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