Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Almost There

Beth and I have landed safe and sound in Hong Kong and will board for the last leg of our trip (a short four hour pop to KL) in just a couple of hours. The flights to this point have been remarkably smooth. The humorous twist for me is how different Cathay Pacific Airlines treats its passengers verses American Airlines. On our flight from Dallas to LA they pitched that we buy the headsets so we could hear the on board entertainment for $2, buy a snack pack for $4, or buy a sandwich and chips for $10 dollars. My trip on American Airlines reminded me of a childhood trip by train from Birmingham to Knoxville. If you wanted something to eat you have to either bring it with you or buy it from a vendor in the station or one that hawked their wares on the train. It seems that airplane travel in the US has devolved to the point where a plane is now a Greyhound Bus with wings. In sharp contrast, Cathay Pacific even made those of us in the economy class feel like we were valued guests.

We eagerly look forward to getting on the ground in KL. We will dive into meetings pretty quickly after we arrive. Keep us in your prayers as we seek to discover exactly what God is calling our church - and others - to do on behalf of the Chin refugees.

Grace and Peace, Tom

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