Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Invitation

Tomorrow morning the Sanctuary Choir at FBC OKC will lead us through Experiencing God: The Musical. Over the past ten weeks we have had a little over 150 adults working through the Experiencing God small group study. We have also focused on the major themes in worship. This week we pull it all together in what should prove to be a remarkable worship experience. The musical brings the message and my role for the morning is to bring an extended invitation. I have spent the last several hours working on it. I must acknowledge that my normal pattern is to bring a spontaneous invitation at the close of the week's sermon. But, this week is different - not just because the musical components. Over the past ten weeks I have listened to numerous stories of how God is working in people's lives. I sense that the time has come for some to make their new or renewed commitments public as both an encouragement and a witness to those they walk beside.
We have also seen God stir in some remarkable ways in almost all of congregational ministries. God is so clearly at work in the life of this church. But, we are not without areas of challenge and places where we need to grow in faith and our followship. There are important decisions to be made that will shape us. I believe that we stand at a congregational crossroad where we will have to choose between being satisfied with being a "good church" or step boldly down a more difficult path where we might see God do something transformational. I sense that the time has come for some of our congregational leadership to step out and invite others to join them.
My hope is that the invitation in tomorrow's worship experience will be the time when we choose to experience the presense of God and say "yes" to God's leading.
Grace and Peace, Tom

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