Monday, April 20, 2009

Prayer at Oklahoma City National Memorial 14th Anniversary Remembrance Service

On Sunday the Associated Press claimed two lines from the prayer I offered as a part of the Oklahoma City National Memorial 14th Anniversary Remembrance Service in their article on the event. Several friends have asked that I post the full prayer. It is offered below.

Our Great and Gracious God,

We gather on the spot that has become holy ground. It is a place of remembrance, a place of solitude, and a place of reflection. Fourteen years ago an act of unspeakable evil shattered the lives of families and the heart of this community. Join us, O God, as we remember. But help us to also remember that born in the pain of that moment a promise of hope and faith emerged. We were wounded, but not broken. We grieved, but we did not grieve alone. Our families and our community have found the promise of new life.

We come to this place representing the religious and social breadth of our community. In claiming faith we found comfort. In our faith we found hope. In our faith we found the capacity to love each other and to be community with and for each other. Our city has become a great city. Our city and our spirits have been renewed. Our community has become a symbol of faith and encouragement to others who face violence and pain. We thank you for faith that sustained us then and leads us forward now. We thank you for the power of the faith and the memories that call us back to this place and then sends us out again. AMEN

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