Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Holy Week Devotional Reading

This week I am claiming Stanley Hauerwas' Cross-Shattered Christ. It is a remarkable text looking at the seven last words of Jesus. In his introduction Hauerwas states; "I think no is more destructive for our ability to confess that the crucified Jesus is Lord than the sentimentality that grips so much that passes for Christianity in our day." I think he is right.

As we come to this journey through the streets of Jerusalem - through the streets of our cities - and wander our way to the cross that we miss the reality of Good Friday. It is essential that we are not so captivated by the pageantry of Holy Week found in the traditional church, so moved by the singing the classic Easter hymns and current choruses, that we do not see the power of God incarnate claiming humanity and choosing a cross as the grace gift of redemption. The cross is not something that happened to Jesus. He knew where and how the week in Jerusalem would end. He knew that cross awaited him. He willingly claimed entered the streets. He willing walked toward the cross. He willingly claimed the cross for those for who he would cry out; "forgive them for they know not what they are doing."

I encourage you to find time each day this week to prepare yourselves for the facing of Good Friday. The journey can transform our Easter celebrations. The journey can transform our faith.

Grace and Peace, Tom O

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Andrew said...

Thanks for sharing that, Tom. I like getting a peek at what you are reading in addition to scripture. I appreciate the guidance as we focus on the truth in scripture and prepare for Good Friday.