Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Songkhla, Thailand

We spent about 24 hours in Penang. It was a time to breathe and relax a little before our next stop. Our children had the opportunity to walk the grounds of the school they once attended. We also went by our Penang home. It was a good break and a lot of fun.

Yesterday we took vans the three and a half hour ride from Penang across the Thai border to Songkhla. This was our home for several years. We were met at the hotel by our Thai pastor and his wife. They are like family to us. We took a quick tour of the city, including checking by our old house. Our neighbors still remembered us and we had a grand reunion. We also went by and fed the wild monkeys. It was a blast watching the reaction of our team as the monkeys took peanuts from their hands. We cooled off and then headed to Beth's birthday dinner. We went to our favorite resturant. It is a simple Thai Chinese resturant that puts to shame what we call Chinese and Thai in the US. Our Thai friends joined us for a great night. It was a lot of fun and Beth laughed the whole night. It was a good birthday for her.

Today we head out for the culture and religion section of this trip. It should be a very good day. We will see a Muslim village, a reclining Buddha, a huge Chinese temple, and a wide variety of other sites and sounds. The picture is from a small fishing village the team will see today as well. Look for tomorrow's posting for more details on the day.

Thanks for coming along for the trip via the blog.

Grace and Peace, Tom

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