Sunday, March 1, 2009

Singapore - Day Two Faith,!

It has been a great day in Singapore. I started my day off in worship at the International Baptist Church in Singapore. The church is a multi-cultural congregation coming from 48 countries across the globe. While I enjoyed the worship in general, I particularly enjoyed the sense that I was worshipping with the world.

After worship we headed to lunch at a Chinese restaurant that specialized in seafood. We enjoyed an amazing array of small dishes with a remarkable diversity of tastes. Last night I ate at one of the local outdoor food venues (hawker stalls) and had Malay style satay (pictured above). Singapore has three distinct cultures that call this island nation home; Chinese, Malay, and Indian. This means that meal time offers a blend of tastes and smells unique to this part of the world. It is just one of the things that makes this place special.

I spent the afternoon at Crossroads International Church. I was their guest proclaimer for the day. I spoke on Nehemiah 5, "The Cry of the Poor." It is a great passage I commend to you. While the contrast in scale to the first church service of the day could not have been more pronounced, there was an evident heart and spirit in this young congregation that I truly appreciated.

I closed my day having dinner and spending some quality time with some long time friends. It was wonderful to have some quality time with their family. While we are most often separated by half a world, when we get together it seems that we pick up where we left off like it has just been overnight since we last saw each other. Their daughter is one of Elizabeth's lifelong friends. She will join with us on Saturday so they can spend some time together. It will be good to see them together again.

Today was about Faith and friends - with some great food tossed in. Not a bad way to spend a day. Tomorrow I begin my responsibilities at the school. I am glad to be here....but my heart is also with the First Baptist family - knowing that they are going into Bible study and worship as I pen this message. My thoughts and prayers are there this moment.

More tomorrow.

Grace and Peace, Tom

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