Saturday, March 7, 2009

In Transition

The daily update is a bit later than normal. The Internet connection at the hotel where we stayed last night was not strong enough to allow me to post an update. So here we go.

I met up with the FBC OKC team about 9:45 yesterday morning. (The arrived safe and sound.) We headed out almost immediately. Our first stop was Orchard Road, where the best in high end shopping from Europe and the States meet. The stores and shopping centers are something to behold. These ultra-modern high tech stores offer almost anything and everything you might every need or want. It was fun to see it, but then we moved on to the more culturally focused areas of the city.

From Orchard Road we headed to Little India, an huge enclave that is the primary shopping and restaurant hub of Singapore's significant Indian population. It was great fun to wander among the shop houses and to experience the pulse of this vital community. We grabbed lunch at a wonderful restaurant. We ordered a variety of foods and it seems that everyone found something they enjoyed. A cultural highlight would have been the time in and around a Hindu temple and some of the we discussed there.

We took a short break in the late afternoon and then meet some friends at an outdoor pavilion for dinner. There a seeming endless variety of foods offered in this Singaporean version of a grand food court. After dinner we went to Chinatown. We experienced a huge Chinese Buddhist temple and then did a little shopping at a night bazaar.

We closed the night with a boat ride on the Singapore river. I love how Will Pennington put it: "It is like a Disney ride, but it's real!" By the time the boat ride was over jet lag had set in and the team crashed for the night.

We are now in the Singapore's Changi Airport - one of the best airports in the world - on our way to Kuala Lumpur. More later from there.

Grace and Peace, Tom

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