Friday, March 13, 2009


This note find the FBC OKC team in the Singapore airport waiting to board our flight back to the US (via Moscow). It has been a good two weeks for me and I think it was a memorable eight days for the team.

My time at the Singapore Bible College still seems to resonate - via follow up emails from several students. The team's time in Singapore allowed them to be exposed to Hindu worship patterns and the powerful presence of Chinese Buddhist temples. The time in KL with the Chin leaders proved remarkably moving. The tour of the city center invited them to begin to process the nature of Islam. The pause in Penang offered us a bit of time to share some memories, but also a time to refresh before our time in Southern Thailand. The time in Songkhla brought back a flood of wonderful memories and a powerful time for the team to see spiritual impact of Thai Buddhism, Animism, and traditional Chinese worship patterns. The time at the Reclining Buddha and the team's response to the adjoining shed with images and idols from a wide range of religions was significant. This moment was made even more meaningful when we realized that our Thail friends were praying for us as we encountered these spiritual icons.

I do wish I could communicate the joy and the depth of the faith of our Thai Christian friends. They are like family to Beth and me. The quickly embraced the rest of the team as well. The time with them was spiritual energizing.

The clock says it is time to head to the plane. Oklahoma City awaits. It has been a great two weeks. It is time to go back home. I will be in the pulpit on Sunday morning. I am ready to be with the family of faith at FBC. I am anxious to share our stories and to move forward together in the ministry that God has prepared for us to do.

Grace and Peace, Tom

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