Saturday, February 28, 2009

Singapore - Day One

Greetings from Singapore. I am on the ground and settled into my guest room at Singapore Bible College. It is a seminary with about 500 students from 38 countries from across Asia. I am here to lead their Missions Emphasis Week.

It is good to be back in Southeast Asia. It was "home" for an important season in our family's life and it still holds a very important place in my heart. This trip carried me to Singapore via Moscow, Russia. I had never taken this route before. The travel time is pretty much the same whether you come via the Atlantic or the Pacific route, about 23 hours in travel time from Houston to Singapore. It sounds like a long time but I find I just get into a travel mode and it seems to feel about the same as when we drive from OKC back to NC to see family. Once I landed I had a couple of hours to get set up, take a quick nap, and grab a shower and then away for the day. I had lunch with good friends and then took some time alone to rediscover the city. It has been about nine years since I was last here and as you would expect some things were the same and some things had changed. The only sad change for me was one of my favorite spots that had an old world vibe is now just another place for trendy resturants and clubs. But, beyond that it was fun to see some familar places and to spend some time remembering out season in the region.

I will try to do an update every day. I would love to hear your comments along the way.

While I am very glad to be here, my thoughts and prayers on Sunday will be with our church family back home in OKC. It will be an important day for our church and I look forward to seeing how peoples' response to the day shapes our future. God is at work in the church. With eager anticipation, I look forward to seeing what God will do next.

Grace and Peace, Tom


1956okie said...

Thanks SO much for letting us tag along on your journey! I'll be checking every day to see where you land next. Have a wonderful trip, my friend, and God bless!

1956okie said... time I'll remember to sign my name.

Shari Hawkins :)

Kim Greer said...

Today was WONDERFUL at fbcokc. We missed you and you would have loved the service. God was here and He moved! We are praying for you.