Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Birth of Chin Baptist Church, Oklahoma City

Tomorrow morning (Sunday) the First Baptist Church family will witness the formal birth of the Chin Baptist Church. I can hardly wait. The planned worship service will be a cross-cultural experience.

The Chin are Burmese refugees with a spiritual and Baptist legacy that dates back to the work of the Adoniram Judson mission team in the early 1800's. The first Chin became a part of the ministry at FBC OKC about nine months ago. They now stand ready to move from a Bible study to a worshipping congregation.

Two pastors from the Chin Baptist Church in Dallas will be with us as a part of our commissioning worship experience. They come to affirm the work of the FBC family and to welcome the new Chin church as a part of the larger Chin Baptist family. I celebrate that the birth of the Chin Baptist Church represents the next step in our congregation's reclaiming its living expression of an Acts 1:8 church.

Thanks be to God!

Grace and Peace, Tom

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