Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Burning Bushes and Quaking Feet" Exodus 3:1-15

The sermon for tomorrow is entitled, “Burning Bushes and Quaking Feet.” With a title like this one, it should be no great surprise that the focal passage where Moses encounters the voice of God in the burning bush. The story is found in the first fifteen verses of the third chapter of Exodus. The reality is that the closest most have us have come to a burning bush is the small plume of fire we see of gas or lighter fluid we see when we light the grill in the back yard. But, rather than to get caught up in the burning bush, I want to encourage you to look at the bigger story. The story is about a moment when Moses had a live encounter with God and heard God’s call for his life. I am not surprised to read that Moses’ response was quaking feet and a litany of excuses of why someone else might be better for the task. He was right. He was an unlikely candidate for one of the great roles of history. He will bumble and stumble along the way, but God will work in him and through him. What we learn is that God does not ask us to be qualified for the task, but rather to have a willingness to step forward and say “yes” when God calls.

As you move from Labor Day weekend back into the routine of your life, are you listening for God’s voice? Are you willing to step forward to the holy ground where God beckons you? When God speaks are you willing and available to say “yes?”

May we listen and respond. Tom

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