Saturday, July 26, 2008

Prayer That Pleases God, I Kings 3

Sorry that I missed you last week. I experienced some tech issues that made connecting to this particular website impossible.

If God offered to give you anything you wanted, what would it be? Financial security? Safety for your family? World peace? This is exactly what God offers to Solomon in I Kings 3. God comes to him in a dream in response to his love and faithfulness. It is surprising how the young king responds. Instead of asking for weath or power, he asks for wisdom in leadership and moral discernment. Instead of focusing on what might bring him short term pleasure he instead prays a prayer that pleases God. In our culture that seems to focus so intently on immediate gratification his prayer seems sadly out of place. It is our loss.

May the prayers of our heart focus on discovering and living out the heart of God.

Grace and Peace, Tom

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