Saturday, July 12, 2008

Come Thirsty Isaiah 55:1-5, Matthew 5:6

In Matthew 5:6 Jesus pronounces; “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” Have you thought lately about being hungry and thirsty for God and God’s way? The rumble of our stomachs calls us to the dinner table. Our parched lips demand that we pick up the glass of ice cold water that awaits us. Jesus uses the earthy and understandable images of hunger and thirst to help his hearers to understand the kind of spiritual desire we need to claim in our relationship with God; the kind of passion that makes us want to continually come into God’s presence. We find the same kind of language in Isaiah 55 where the great prophet tells us not to settle for anything less than the filling presence of God. What does that look like in contemporary life? How do we discover and then demonstrate a hunger and a thirst for God and God’s way?

One of the ways we will seek to live this out at First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City this week will be in the celebration of the Lord’s Supper. We will talk about having our hunger filed with the Bread of Life (John 6:35). We will talk about having our thirst quenched with the Living Water (John 4:5-10). These pictures will shape our conversation over the table. They will call us to claim the kind of relationship with the one named Jesus that can fill our hearts and lives. They will call us to the everyday kind of devotion that we hope will help us foster a longing for an ongoing relationship with God.

So, I invite you to join us in worship – and come thirsty!

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