Thursday, May 15, 2008


It is a good day. I believe that I have turned some kind of corner. My energy level is up and my pain levels are down. I am beginning to try to use the cane more and the walker less. I am hopeful that I will be able to put away the walker in the next few days. I am rather determined to get stronger as quickly as possible.

I continue to be touched by the support from the congregation. Each day cards come tumbling out of the mailbox that offer words of prayer, support, and encourament. Each night a different family brings the next line a long line of wonderful meals. Phone messages and emails bring words of additional words of support from across the church family. I am indeed blessed to have the opportunity to serve such a great congregation. I eagerly look forward to the time when I am again in their midst.

Grace and Peace, Tom

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1956okie said...

I'm SO glad you're doing so incredibly well!! Can't wait to have you back with us!!