Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Morning


I want thank you for checking in. I appreciate the fact that so many of you have been hitting the blog to find out how I am doing. The news is all good. It seems that the one week marker was a significant one. My mobility is increasing daily and the pain remains under control. Every day I seems I can put more and more weight on the hip. I can comfortably sit at angles that would have been impossible before the surgery. I am progessing at a much quicker rate than I had hoped for. I believe a significant reason for the great results and positive progress is the prayers that you and the First Baptist family have offered on my behalf. Thank you!

I am claiming this down time as a study break. I brought a number of books home to read as time and energy allowed. About mid-week I felt up to grabbing a book and beginning to read. The first text I worked through was William Barclay's Spiritual Autobiography. It raised some great issues to consider in sermon preparation. The second book I read was James Bryan Smith's Room of Marvels. It is a novel that provides a vision of a spiritual journey thorugh heaven. It is not the kind of text that I normally read, but offered some issues to consider in spiritual formations. I am now reading Tony Campolo's Let Me Tell You a Story. It is a collection of stories from his life/ministry journey. Some are grand and will work their way into future sermons. Others have been encouraging or challenging but will be best left in the bounds of the text. My hope is that this season of reading will further strengthen my preaching skills.

I am thankful for your care and prayers.

Grace and Peace, Tom


Loyd Nolen said...

Hi. We were so pleased to hear of your amazing progress! You were missed this morning at church and you were prayed for. Paul Calmes was inspirational this morning.
Nolen's SS class is progressing nicely as well. We look forward to your being able to visit the class in the near future.
Keep up the good work! Greetings to Beth!
Elisa D.

1956okie said...

We are SO glad that all the news is GOOD news! My only concern is that I'll have to run to keep up with you when you're back with us! :)

Get all the rest you can, and we'll see you--but only when you're good and ready!

Shari Hawkins