Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Next Steps

It's Tuesday evening and it has been an eventful day. I saw my doctor this morning. He removed my staples and checked out my progress. He seemed pleased. He said something that I want to share with you. When I thanked him for the good work he did in surgery, he responded; "all I did was to complete the work your congregation began with prayer." He is right. I deeply appreciate the strong prayer support that has surronded me and my family through this process. God has responded in remarkable ways. Thanks be to God.

Beth has proven to be a great caregiver. This is no great surprise. Unfortunately I have given her much practice over these past seven to eight years. My mother has become my day time babysitter and has been a gift of support and encouragement.

I will begin physical therapy on Monday afternoon. We need to rebuild the muscle mass that has been sleeping over these past six to seven years. I eagerly look forward to beginning the PT process.

I am trying to claim the recovery period as a study break. I have finished Compolo's book of stories that I mentioned in an earlier blog and am about half way through John Ortberg's When the Game is Over It All Goes Back in the Box. A member of the FBC OKC family who is an avid golfer has given me two books on golf to read. I have already begun reading selections from them. Another member shared their copy of David Boren's A Letter to America that I will try to read over the next couple of days. I am glad for the diversity of the texts. Some affirm my beliefs, others challenge them, and still others provide an intellectual release. All are helping me make good use of the down time.

I continue to thank each of you who are taking the time to read the blog and offers prayers and words of encouragement on my behalf.

Grace and Peace, Tom


Jerry Reese said...


We are in the Seattle area headed for Yellowstone. Looks like things are going very well, but am concerned you are reading too much and not working out that new hip!! Get crackin' or rather work hard on the PT! Look forward to seeing you soon.

The Reeses

Loyd Nolen said...

It is great that your news continues to be so positive. I imagine that you are constantly reminded of the contrast of this with your previous experience. I thank God for that. Now there is 'JUST' a lot of hard work for you. You can do it. Beth, God give you strength, patience and insight as you minister to Tom. I am praying for both of you and the rest of the family as well. So happy that your mother is also doing so well. See you soon.
Elisa D.

anna and max said...

We are so overwhelmed over the progress that you have made. We thank the Lord everyday for your perseverance!Take this needed time to heal. Nurture your spirit with faith and your soul will grow ever stronger. I am sure that you are accomplishing this through your healing journey. You and all of your family are in our daily prayers. Max and Anna

Beth Harvey said...

Oh friends, How thankful we are that this "walk" has been so much smoother than you anticipated! We look forward to your return to us, but glad you are taking time to read - relax - and get ready for the next chapter in the life of the Ogburn family. We miss you!