Monday, May 12, 2008

It's Monday

It's Monday and all is well. There is nothing dramatic to report. Tomorrow morning I head to the doctor to have the staples removed and to set up the physical therapy schedule. I am glad for the progress I have been able to make thus far, and am excited about what we will be able to accomplish in PT. While this hip restoration surgery was a major surgery, it was also an move toward long term freedom. The surgeries during the catastrophic illness were designed to enable my survival. This latest surgery was designed to restore the movement that was lost in the previous medical journey. It is good to already begin to see the fruits of this surgery.

Thank you for your great support and encouragement.

Grace and Peace, Tom

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Loyd Nolen said...

This is good news, indeed.
We are grateful for God's healing ministry as it has been manifested in your surgery and recovery.