Saturday, May 3, 2008

I thought I'd add a quick update to make everyone smile. Tom just called to apologize for sending me away so abruptly. He said, "I expected excrutiating pain. But it was not like that at all!" He got up from bed two or three times on his own, took a shower standing up, he can eat sitting forward in his chair instead of angled back - he is ecstatic! Beware because he is already making plans for his return to church! :)

Tom is excited to go home. He is excited by how well he has responded to surgery. I wish I could convey to all who read this the joy and amazement in his voice. This medical experience has been so different than anything in the past and anything he had imagined. He really is thrilled.


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Loyd Nolen said...

Kristin, you are doing a fine job of relaying the positive experiences Tom and Beth are having. We are so thrilled that he is progressing so well and pray he continues to full healing.
Elisa D.