Friday, May 2, 2008

I just spoke with Tom (Friday evening) and he sounds great. He has most of his "Tom energy" and it was good to hear him sounding healthy and alert. It turns out he did not do therapy today. Getting radiation proved to be an exhausting adventure. He had to be shuttled to another part of the medical complex. This involved taking a gurney to a van, getting in the van, getting out of the van and on a gurney for a scan, moving somewhere else for radiation, then repeating the trip back to his room. Can you imagine doing that the day after orthopedic surgery? He returned to his room completely worn out. Beth put up the "No Visitors" sign and Tom got some pain medicine and some much needed rest. He'll start conquering therapy tomorrow.

Tom has opted not to go home until Sunday. As he said tonight, "I don't need to rush this." It's good to hear him taking care of himself and sounding so normal. Beth sounds like a new woman - relaxed, rested, and reassured. God has been gracious and good to them this week and they both know it.

Let's keep praying for a continued healthy recovery, for patience in recovery, and for good rest after a stressful week.

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