Saturday, May 3, 2008

I just love posting good news!!

I stopped by to see Tom this afternoon. He looked very healthy and well. He was getting ready to stand for the first time and said, "You can come in and pray, then you'd better leave. You don't want to watch this." I agreed to these terms and he said, "Look! Have you ever seen me sit like this?" He was sitting with his left left bent at the knee. I had never seen that and was glad for this new ability. We prayed and I left him to his therapy.

I wondered how it had gone and here is the email I just received from Beth:

"Tom is doing amazing! He walked to the elevators today and did great- he is able to move his hip beyond his dreams.He just called very excited! Thanks to everyone for their prayers.We'll be home on Sunday- and looking forward to that.Beth"

Enjoy the wonder of God's healing power!

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