Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Here is a Tuesday update from Beth:

Tom is still doing well. I asked him if he wanted to give an update personally- his quote was " I am trying to really take vacation," so he'll update later probably by the weekend! For those of you who are wondering if he can take vacation, he is learning!Each day he is getting better. He sat in the lift chair today and is sitting in ways he hasn't in 7 years. His words are this surgery has given him freedom and he is enjoying it.Every day he is a little stronger. Tom did tell me to tell everyone- thanks for the food- he is loving the meals! and really appreciates all the prayers. Most the time he is stronger and stronger, however, there are a few times that reminds him he just had major surgery and to rest and listen to the doctors so he can recover well.His first walk in the hospital was to the elevator where he could see the church from 5th floor... so he is already looking forward to coming back to work, yet taking his time for recovery very seriously.love, beth

Hallelujah! Tom is doing so well and resting and letting go of work for a bit. It is an answer to all our prayers.

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Loyd Nolen said...

Sounds like everything is going great. I'm happy to hear that Tom is learning to 'vacation'. The Staff can take advantage of this time to build up energy for when he is back 'in the saddle'.
God's blessings on all the Ogburns.
Thanks as usual to Kristin for keeping us all informed.
Elisa D.