Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Wednesday everyone! Our prayer for Tom today is PATIENCE. It's so hard for anyone to be recuperating, but Tom is such a busy and energetic person that he's really struggling to rest and recover. He wrote his own entry today and here it is:

A Bit of A Setback

Tom had great day yesterday, but apparently pushed a bit too hard. Can you imagine? He did several lapse around the house with the walker and spent five or six hours sitting up in the chair. This seemed good until he noticed that several muscles waking and clamoring for attention. It made it somewhat of a rough night and early morning. Beth and Tom are working to get the pain under control. Tom promises to take is easier today.

Let's all pray for him to take it easy, to relax and let his body heal. He has done so well and this is no time to push the limits. We thank God for how far Tom has come and know that all the rest will come in the appropriate time.


Brian said...


I've got some really good super glue if that would help you stay put for a while! :) Love ya, buddy. Hang in there. Brian McAtee

Loyd Nolen said...

Fought the urge to call you today hoping you would REALLY rest. We continue to pray for your patience as well as Beth's.
love, Elisa D.