Monday, May 26, 2008

Back to Work


It is Monday and I am enjoying a great Memorial Day with my family. Yesterday was my first day back at church. It was good to be back among the First Baptist family and great to be back in the pulpit. I am thankful for the three great proclaimers that covered for me while I was gone, but it was good to be back in place. I am posting yesterday sermon in a seperate blog entry. I do not plan to do any further health updates. We have reached a point where the plan includes basic physical therapy, a bit of rest, and progressively more hours back at the office. Recovery is ahead of schedule and all is well, so this blog will return to focusing on issues of life and faith.

I am thankful for all of the words of encouragement and the strong prayer support. I am grateful that the surgeons have been able to deal with last physical limitation and put me back in a place where my life can be defined by my life and work rather than a medical condition. I look forward to a great season with my family and in ministry to my God.

Grace and Peace, Tom

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