Saturday, May 17, 2008

Back in the Real World

This morning I headed out with my older brother and Beth to the grand confines of Penn Square Mall. It was good to be back in the real world. I took my trusty walker as my companion and walked the lower level. After the mall venture we headed out to lunch at one of my favorite resturants. I was pleased to discover that my energy level stayed strong and that my hip continues to respond well.

I have claimed the afternoon for reading. Yesterday I had finished Conversations with Jesus by Harold Fickett. I gave me several things to think about. When I had finished Fickett's text I dove into Growing an Engaged Church by Albert Winseman. This afternoon I finished up the text. It may be one of the more important books I have read in a long time. There are several principles he raised that I hope to discuss with our church family. I also began reading David Boren's A Letter to America. I plan to finish it before I head to bed. I still have four or five books I would like to finish before my "study break" finishes and I head back to work. Physical Rehab starts Monday.

I continue to be amazed by the cards, calls, visits and meals that the First Baptist family have shared as symbols of their love and support.

Grace and Peace, Tom

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Loyd Nolen said...

In Spanish we say, "dichosos los ojos que te ven" or "dichosos los ojos..." meaning'how fortunate or blessed are the eyes that see (behold) you. That's how I felt earlier today. You look great!!
God be praised!
Elisa D.