Friday, April 11, 2008

Our Generation's Worship Heresy

Heresy is a strong word, but appropriate in this context. Our generation’s worship heresy is that we have made worship an individual act focused on our own experience rather than a corporate experience focused on directing our worship to God and for God’s sake. Individual Christians gather from their different homes and different lives in the same place, at the same time, and sing the same songs, in acts of simultaneous individual worship. Our hearts focus on what we hear and on how we feel. We worry about whether it is our kind of music and if the sermon pleases our ears, but fail to consider what we have brought to God as our act of worship. We have spent too much time worrying about the style of music, the manner of dress, and the gender of the leadership, and too little time focusing our heart and our spirits on God. Ultimately, worship is not about us, it is about God.

Have we come to worship in a spirit of humility, understanding that worship is supposed to be about acknowledging the worth-ship of God? Have we brought a commitment to the family of faith so that we are as concerned about the worship and the faith walk of the person we stand next to as we are to our own? Are we joining our hearts and voices in a spirit of unity or sitting in judgment of the music selections, the tone of the drama, the nasal sound of the scripture reader or the length of the pastor’s sermon? True worship is a heart issue that compels us first and foremost to act as community; offering our song, our prayers, and our hearts to God as a family of faith.

May we corporately worship our God, who is worthy of our worship. Tom

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