Saturday, April 12, 2008

Luke 24:13-24 "No longer and not yet"

Two men were walking down a well worn road talking with one another about the trauma they had witnessed, the friend that they had lost, and their uncertainty about their future. They were lost between a part of their life that could be no longer and their future that still seemed so fuzzy, their place not yet clear. Jesus joins them in the walk, but they are so caught up in their emotions and their fears they fail to realize who they are walking with. This Road to Emmaus story provides a powerful picture of the Church that is caught between a past that is no longer, and a future that is not yet – but in the struggle sometimes miss the movement of God in their midst. Sometimes the cause of the struggle is the generational tension that has become commonplace in our contemporary culture. Sometimes the cause of the tension is a self-focused spiritual journey that carries us further and further from the sense of family and the future that God beckons us to claim. It is time to acknowledge our grief over the past that has given us comfort and identity and then release it into God’s arms. It is time for us to acknowledge our apprehension over an uncertain future and then discover a sense of faith and trust that will let us trust God with the days that lie before us. I know that the there is discomfort when we find ourselves “no longer and not yet” but that is where we discover that God has been walking with us all along.

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