Saturday, April 19, 2008

John 20:19-31 "Peace Be To You!"

This Sunday morning we are going to look at John 20:19-31, a post-resurrection passage that brings us a great word on peace. I am not talking about the absence of conflict but rather a peace stills our hearts and draws us in. Jesus knew that the disciples needed a sense of peace if they were going to find their place in the world. He knows that we too need his presence in our lives if the chaos and the confusion that befuddles us are ever going to give way to a divine peace. Stress, not peace, seems to dominate our lives. In nationwide polls, 89% of Americans reported that they often experience high levels of stress, and 59% claimed that they feel great stress at least once a week.[1] We are not made to live this way. Those who claim a faith relationship with God through Christ are offered a way to peace that is different than offered by our culture or community. It the kind of peace that will draw you into Christ presence, send you out with God’s Spirit, and call you to the kind of faith that will allow you to rise above the chaos and know peace with God.

Peace be to you!

Grace and Peace, Tom
[1] Rose Men’s Health Resources, “How to Fight and Conquer Stress,” available online at on April 19, 2008.

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